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Raw wood, tall and slim: "SeaSider" scarcley consume more space than a piece of paper. But still: they are mighty, fragile and protecting alike. Memories to the sea, the south, the fishin' and the simple live... A game between reality and fiction, between tool and phantasy: that's the thrilling point to Gollek's "SeaSider". It's the break not to be seen on the first glance that hooks: is it a product (therefor the tagged notice and the brass tag) or is it a relict, a tool, taken away from fishing vessels and now resembling somehow "ready mades"?

Every single piece is mostly made of wood, with some steel applications here and there; they are between 150 and 210 cm tall, about 15 to 20 cm wide and up to 30 cm deep; signed through the brass tag at the lower end, The numbers reveal the ongoing number and the year of birth: the engraved "06 / 02" on the tag means "the sixth SeaSider in the year 2002".