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Manuel Gollek
1959 born on april 1st in Berlin/Germany
1974 first drawings, paintings and sculptures
1980 civil service
1982 - 84 apprenticeship as cabinet maker and restoring antiques
1984 working at G.Verdiac's studios in St. Barbara/California
"99 postcards", a cross atlantic mail art project
1985 foundation of the DesignConsulting
1986 - 89 studies at the academy of fine arts in Munich (painting/graphic-design/interior decoration)
1989 diploma fine arts Guinness Record with the largest toothpaste painting
1990 research diver on the MS Challenger in Norway and Scottland (GEO Team) 5 Objects for MADDAUS AG design works for HARLEKIN ARTs & CRAFTs THE MANHATTAN PROJECT
1991 KARE (design of accessoires)
1992 Unützer "sport fashion" ltd (shop design) Graffiti agency for innovative communication (pack design)
1993 Jil Sander Leather (catwalk design) ZERO agency for graphics and design (order work)
1994 props person for BAVARIA FILM, Project "LISA" foundation of STUDIO 2, fine arts and cabinets DRTV Award 1994 (direct response TV award for advertising)
1995 PC-Welt Award 1995 LODEN FREY (design of a fair stand)
1996 president of the artist`s association / Ebersberg / Bavaria
1998 realisation of "Three Godesses" Berlin / Brahmstr. 9, 11 and 13
1999 Novel "Körbchenvoll" / Gatzanis Verlag Stuttgart CD "fisherman & guitar pics"
2000 first "SeaSider" and "bollards"
2002 first "iron cards"
2006 "the head"
2008 first "plane lights"
2010 move to "Shire"
2012 wedding
2014 "plane lights" continues...

Several group and single exhibitions in Germany

Museum work for e.g. "Lenbachhaus München", "Stadtmuseum München", "Erotic Art Museum Hamburg" and "SIEMENS Museum München"